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Small Business in the United States are struggling to survive
Date:2013-2-28    Publisher:本站原创

Small Business in the United States are struggling to survive


By Deborah Block
17 February, 2013

CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English. I'm Christopher Cruise.

FAITH LAPIDUS: And I'm Faith Lapidus. Many small, family-owned businesses in the United States are struggling to survive. Along with the sluggish economy, they face competition from big box chain stores and restaurants. This week on our program, we visit a Washington, DC area hardware store, drugstore and restaurant and learn how they are competing successfully for customers.


CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: The restaurant business is very competitive in the United States and many people choose to eat out at well-known chain restaurants. So how are small, family-owned restaurants making ends meet? We visited Primo Family Restaurant in suburban Washington. It is an example of a small, family-owned operation where business is booming.

Young diners enjoy a meal at the Primo Family Restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia
FAITH LAPIDUS: It is another busy day at Primo Family Restaurant -- a popular dining spot in Alexandria, Virginia for more than twenty-five years. C.A. Savoy says he does not like the atmosphere or food at the chain restaurants. Instead, he enjoys eating at Primo's.

C.A. SAVOY: "Everything in here is home cooking. It's all fresh food and delicious."


Server Tina Mitrakas has worked at Primo's since it opened.

TINA MITRAKAS: "I like the customers. Everybody is friendly. I like the people I work with. It's like my second home."

Lynne Sepple's son Nick is here, celebrating his birthday.

LYNNE SEPPLE: "My son has been here since he was six days old. He's been here once a week since then and now he's 10."

CHRISTOPHER CRUISE: Mary Wise often stops by Primo's after work. She plays the role of Martha Washington, wife of the first United States president, at nearby Mount Vernon. It is the home and property where George and Martha Washington once lived. Ms. Wise says enjoys Primo's because it feels comfortable.

MARY WISE: "It is a place where you can consistently have good food, not too expensive. You know you're never going to be confronted with something that's a surprise. I think people like that."

Another appeal, she says, is owner Jim Nicopoulos.

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