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Personal Accident Policy for Paragliding / Powered paragliding
Date:2013-2-27    Publisher:本站原创

Personal Accident Policy for Paragliding / Powered paragliding

Tailor-made Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

PAI offers Insurance cover to all its members. This insurance is offered to PAI members only, upon enrolment by way of the necessary formalities and fee payment. The insurance policy is a Group Insurance Policy tailor-made for PAI by United India Insurance Company, one of the leading Insurance service provider in India. The ‘scheme’ is administered through ‘Bajaj Capital Limited’. The Insurance covers hospitalisation expenses incurred following an accident or death while being involved in Paragliding or Powered Paragliding.

Policy details:

1. This policy is only eligible for members of ‘Paragliding Association of India’.

2. The policy covers hospitalisation for injuries due to Paragliding/Powered Paragliding.

3. The policy cover is not limited to PG sport, it also covers injuries from Mountaineering and all other kinds of accidents.

4. This is a group policy, where PAI will hold the master policy and all members would be part of PAI’s main group policy post enrolment.

5. Maximum age limit is 70 years.

6. This is not a ‘cashless policy’ . The medical expenses will be reimbursed.

7. The hospitalisation cover will have an upper limit (as mentioned in point 8 below)

8. Minimum sum insured is Rs. 2,00,000/- with 20% annual limit on medical expenses for accidental IPD/OPD treatment. Maximum sum insured is Rs. 5,00,000/- for standard slab and up to Rs. 75,00,000 for higher slab.

9. Premium for a sum insured of Rs. 2,00,000/- is Rs. 500/- and increases pro-rata.

10. Master policy will be issued to PAI and member’s policy will be sent to the individual directly.

11. The policy will be valid for one year from the date of issue.

12. Policy will be effective as soon as contact details of the member and payment are received by the insurance company.

13. The policy will be invalid in case your PAI membership is not renewed.

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