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The USHPA is private, voluntary membership, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, incorporated as a California corporation but doing business in Colorado.

The USHPA began as the Southern California Hang Gliding Association in 1971 and shortly afterwards, on December 18, 1973, became the United States Hang Gliding Association (USHGA), headquarted in southern California. It was incorporated in March of 1974. In 1989, the Association was moved from Southern California to its present home in Colorado Springs, CO and in 2006, became the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA).

The USHPA, as a private membership organization, has no governmental authority, does not own any flying sites, does not negotiate nor enter into any permits for flying sites, does not control any flying sites or the flying that takes place at them. The sports of hang gliding and paragliding are not controlled by the USHPA; anyone that wishes can fly. (The only regulatory authority for flight in the United States is the Federal Aviation Administration.) However, we encourage all those who wish to fly, whether it be hang gliders, paragliders, or both, to join the USHPA as members, because together, as an Association, we can ensure the flying we enjoy today will be around tomorrow.

USHPA's purpose is to provide benefits to its membership, which include but are not limited to:

A pilot rating program.

A structured instructor certification program.

A training structure for tandem flight and aero towing.

Local club affiliation for the benefit of negotiated site insurance coverage.

A national magazine for flying, product and safety information.

Third party and participant liability insurance coverage for members.

These are the obvious benefits - there are many more not so obvious benefits such as considerable behind-the-scenes support in site negotiations for acquisition and preservation of flying sites, both on private land, as well as working with the FAA and the Bureau of Land Management to expand our opportunities for flight.

At the grassroots, USHPA members join together to form USHPA Chapters. These flying clubs represent local groups of pilots and enthusiasts that work to create and manage sites, as well as fly together in the same community spirit from which the sports have evolved. These clubs are independent, autonomous, self-governing organizations, which elect to affiliate with USHPA and obtain club benefits, such as site insurance coverage.

At the national level, the USHPA is a non-profit business, designed to service its membership and forward the core purposes of USHPA. In 1996, our audited financials show that USHPA exceeded one million dollars in revenue. The policies of the Association are governed by its bylaws and SOP's (standard operating procedures).

USHPA is one of only two self-regulated air sports in the United States. This means that the Association has developed a complete pilot rating system, the USHPA Pilot Proficiency Program, which is available for our Pilot and Rogallo Members. Additionally, the USHPA maintains a complete instructor certification program to assist those interested in becoming teachers of the air sports associations.




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