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Radio Navigation Sim app for students released
Date:2012-12-25    Publisher:Janice Wood

Digital Aviation has released the Radio Navigation Simulator ‘Student’ edition-Instrument Navigation Trainer for Pilots, for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, which includes instrument panels suited to the requirements of student pilots at the beginning of their IFR training.

The new app is based on the Radio Navigation Simulator Pro app, which includes additional advanced HSI & RMI (dual needle) instruments.

Radio Navigation Simulator “Student” is a 2D flight simulator and training aid that enables students and pilots to practice, understand, and become proficient in the use and management of VOR, DME and ADF instruments, and radios, all displayed with a Directional Gyro on a realistic flight panel, company officials said.

For students, it’s easy to zoom-in, either to a single beacon, or a set of beacons, drag the airplane around to different locations, and watch the needles react. When ready, choose to fly a prepared exercise, or your own routes, in a flight area of approximately 200 x 150 nms, populated with more than 40 navaid facilities. Printable latitude and longitude area charts are free to download.


● Instrument panels optimized for iPhone5, iPhone, iPad & iPad mini, with full support for retina displays.

● Simulator operates within a synthetic flight environment of approx 300 x 200 nm, populated with VOR, VOR-DME and NDB navaids.

● Scaleable chart with Facilities, Idents, and Aircraft symbols.

● Full chart management with VOR Radials and Planned Routes.

● Aircraft track trail can be displayed, or suppressed.

● Flight panel and navigation chart simultaneously displayed.

● Realistic flight panel with the following instruments:

● VOR, DME, ADF (RMI or RBI) and Directional Gyro .

● Fully manageable Radios for ADF, NAV1 and NAV2 (with DME).

● Airspeed range 60 to 600 knots.

● Altitude management and display.

● Flight profile in Real or Compressed time.

● Wind velocity, 0 to 99 kts, from any direction, steady or variable.

● Dead reckoning navigation capability, with flight environment mapped in Latitude and Longitude.

● All instruments and chart controlled with an intuitive multi gesture interface.

● Touch button flying controls.

● Popup Toolbars & Annunciators to manage flight panel facilities.

● Popup Toolbars and Icons to manage chart facilities.

● Detailed Getting Started help and full User Manual, contained within the app.

● All exercises and chart are seperately downloadable as PDF, for printing or reference.

Radio Navigation Simulator ‘Student’ edition and Radio Navigation Simulator Pro are available now on the App Store.

For more information:

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