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Night Glow
发布日期:2013-2-26    点击次数:2682 次


This unique show is the work of enthusiasts who have dared to stage an ephemeral show using the Pays-d’Enhaut for its setting.
It is difficult to talk about the Night Glow without evoking the names of its pioneers, Laurent Exchaquet, Claude Jelk and Beno?t Favey. For many years, through their hard work and dedication, they have created and orchestrated this brilliant Night Glow, winning it the reputation it currently enjoys. The Night Glow is no trifl ing matter! Due to the valley’s general shape and local atmospheric quirks, a variety of means are required, making the organization a complex and lengthy task. There are no fewer than 300 performers and extras taking part in this show. Among them are 20 complete balloon crews, the Swiss Ski School, skydivers, fi reworks experts, sound engineers and all the volunteers, working together to ensure a well-coordinated show. As for the local atmospheric conditions, these play a crucial role, infl uencing the positioning of the balloons (on the north side of the valley) and the precise timing of 7 to 7.30pm. As incredible as it may seem, a change in time and/or space would mean the show could not take place.

Choosing the theme and music

To achieve the fi nal result, a working party meets throughout the year. It begins by choosing a theme and music which could correspond to it. As the balloons are the backbone ofthe Night Glow, the rhythm of the chosen pieces must enable synchronization between the music and the blasts from the burners. If the hythm is too quick, the balloons take off, too slow and they defl ate! So, it is essential to fi nd the ‘right
rhythm’. The other elements are then integrated into the show’s sequence. The fi reworks are set to the music, as are the torch-lit ski descent and the paragliders’ take-off. All this vwith a backdrop of illuminated balloons, of course. On D-day, weather permitting, everything is installed during the day. The smooth running of preparations is heavily reliant on the weather conditions and, particularly, the snow conditions. By the end of the afternoon, all the participants are in position. At 6.58pm, we’re off for another delightful
and magical half hour...




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