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·Psy's Gangnam Style [2013-3-4 ]
Today we visit the New York City neighborhood of Harlem. Efforts are underway to return the area to its former glory. ... [阅读全文]
·Pope Benedict Says Goodbye as Leader of the Worldw... [2013-3-4 ]
Pope Benedict gave his last public blessing this week to tens of thousands of people in Saint Peter's Square in the Vatican, the church's ad... [阅读全文]
·A Silent Killer – Carbon Monoxide Poisoning [2013-3-4 ]
Winter has brought cold weather to many parts of Earth's northern hemisphere. With the cold comes a danger as old as man's knowledge of fire... [阅读全文]
·How Do You Like Your Caffeine -- In Tea or Coffee? [2013-3-4 ]
And I'm Faith Lapidus. Today, we report on caffeine and two popular drinks: tea and coffee. We tell about a study that found black tea is be... [阅读全文]
·Democracy Making Strides in Former Soviet Armenia [2013-3-4 ]
Twenty-one years after gaining independence from the Soviet Union, Armenia may be coming of age. It is developing a more open society, and e... [阅读全文]
·IMF to Revise US Growth Forecast, Sequester Blamed [2013-3-4 ]
Now that the deadline for a Congressional compromise has passed, the process of cutting $85 billion from the federal budget begins. Economis... [阅读全文]
·Looking Better Helps Cancer Patients Feel Better [2013-3-4 ]
Many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy not only have to fight the disease but also the side effects of the treatment itself. Research ... [阅读全文]
·Protesters Block Dismantling Part of Berlin Wall [2013-3-4 ]
Protesters in Berlin are trying to stop developers from dismantling one of the longest remaining stretches of the Berlin Wall. But, they fac... [阅读全文]

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